If you’re looking for custom skate soakers, you’ve come to the right place.

Why you ask?

Because we are the ORIGINAL custom sublimated skate soaker!  Yup, you read that correctly…we are the original!

From day one, we set out to make a customized skate soaker out of the best materials with dye-sublimation printing, and we’ve consistently worked to improve the product year after year after year.  Don’t believe us?  Well, over 60 professional, junior, and college teams worldwide come to us to make their soakers, not to mention the countless beer league teams and youth associations/schools that we make soakers for.

Our soakers are designed to dry any residual moisture off of your blade, AND, to protect the items in your bag.  (Please be advised that our skate soakers are not meant to be walked in.  We will not warranty any soaker that we deem to have been cut by a skate blade or other sharp object.)

We have tried to make a soaker that you can walk in, HOWEVER, when we put the webbing on top of the drying material where your blade goes, the webbing will come up onto the sides of the blade, thus, taking away the drying capabilities of the drying material.  We’ve seen other soakers that are designed to be walked in, yet, the steel always comes out of the channel it’s designed to sit in while walking.

One of our NHL clients has his players walk in our soakers, and his budget certainly allows for him to replace those soakers that get punctured (and he has quite a few!). The one thing he told us is that you will never be able to teach everyone how to walk the “proper” way in their skates while they’re wearing soakers. We all do it differently.

Furthermore, many soakers have webbing on the OUTSIDE of the outer shell material. This does nothing for the soaker itself except keep dirt off of the bottom should you choose to walk in them. It won’t stop a sharp blade from cutting through the soakers while walking in them.

Our suggestion is if you’re looking to walk in something, use the plastic guards. If you want something to dry the residual moisture and not cut things up in your bag, buy our soakers.  You will not be disappointed!


  • Custom sublimated polyester outer shell with your logo(s)*
  • Player number optional**
  • Super absorbent materials to help dry the moisture on your skate steel
  • Heavy duty webbing inside the soaker to provide strength and durability
  • MADE IN U.S.A.


Our suggested soaker sizing for player skates is as follows and based on skate blade length:

YTH = 150-212
XS = 212-246
SM = 238-272
MD = 263-288
LG = 280-306

For goalies, our suggested soaker sizing is based on skate size and is as follows:

YTH = Y10-Y13.5
XS = Y13.5-J2.5
SM = J2-6
MD = 5.5-9
LG = 8.5+

$30/pair + shipping (team discount program available)

All pricing listed is in US Dollars.

Shipments within California will be charged Sales Tax.

*All logos must be provided by the client in Adobe Illustrator CS6 format or older (please CLICK HERE for details)

**Add additional $3.50/pair for numbers on the soakers.  Custom designs may be subject to a $65 per hour artwork fee.

Please CLICK HERE for a run down of the entire process from start to finish.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our apologies in advance, however, any pro/college clients whose products are shown below, are licensed to us to specifically make product for them and not for resale; NO EXCEPTIONS.

All logos shown on products below are the property of our clients.