Junkyard Athletic was founded in June 2008 by mistake, with the idea of using dye-sublimation printing to create custom logos (SubliTWILL) for sports bags.  That was the extent of our business.  Looking back, we were so closed-minded into what the possibilities were!

Ten years later, we’re still that same, small, minority owned business, however, we’ve grown from making our SubliTWILL product into manufacturing many different products, all out of our Southern California shop, doing it our way, which is top quality, Made in the U.S.A.!

Every day, we learn new things, taking our time to not rush a product to market, making sure it’s just right and meets our standards.  We’re not into importing or outsourcing our products from Asia or other parts of the world.  In one way or another, each item we make and sell is custom, and the need to control the quality of our items and the way they represent us once they leave our shop is very important.  Every item that leaves us for you needs to be on the mark, perfect, each and every time.  We’re blessed to have a quality group that makes all of this happen; day in and day out.

We’re fortunate to have clients from many different backgrounds, from all over the world!  From Fortune 500 companies to professional sports teams to NCAA institutions, as well as your everyday “beer leaguer”/”weekend warrior”, youth associations/teams, and everyone in between, including yourself, we provide top notch customer service and products to all!

Thank you to those who have purchased our products and supported us over the years!  To those who haven’t purchased from us before, we hope that you’ll take a journey with us.  We know you won’t be disappointed!